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Views from Bled where we stopped for lunch on the way from...

Views from Bled where we stopped for lunch on the way from...

Views from Bled where we stopped for lunch on the way from...

Frank, his aunt (Nona's sister) & Briggitta

Looks good on him, doesn't she?

Looks good on him, doesn't she?

Pictures from dinner

Cousin Tono & his son Tony

Tony's beautiful daughters Noja & Eva

Tona's wife & more family members

Novo Mesto proved to be a true highlight of our true, although I must say, the beginning was a bit more expensive than we had planned...

As we drove across the border, we attempted to find someone who could share information and stamp our passports, but the border station was empty so our drive through was uneventful. We then changed drivers & Mark drove for a bit. He passed through a toll gate with again no one there to pay or receive information. As we passed through the next gate just a few miles from Novo Mesto, we were greeted with a grand reception! (Unfortunately, not one planned by the relatives.) We were immediately pulled over by the police there who shared that we should have stopped at the first Esso station to purchase a toll pass. He then told us he could sell us one there for 15 Euros with the small addition of a 150 Euro fine! Well, although the German man in front of us chose to argue, Mark & Frank thought it best to quietly pay the fine. So, we did & off we went!

Although this got us off to a bit of a rough start, the rest of the journey proved to be absolutely wonderful! We used the GPS to travel to our hotel which actually turned out to be very charming condominiums with very gracious hosts who immediately greeted us with water & juice at the tables in the courtyard. Frank & Peggy had an apartment with living area, kitchen, & 2 bedrooms, and we had 2 bedrooms & a small kitchenette.

Bocha, our cousin, (forgive my spelling!) came immediately to meet us & take us to his home. He is full of life & very animated. He speaks limited English, but did a wonderful job of host, guide, & somewhat interpreter. His wife, Brigitta is lovely & speaks excellent English. They have 4 beautiful children between the ages of 1 & 6 and a 21 year old of Bocha's from a previous marriage. Brigitta served as the main translator for the evening & did a fabulous job!

That night, we travelled to a little restaurant out of town where we were met by 4 of the cousins, their spouses, 2 adult children & 2 small beautiful girls Eva & Neja.

We enjoyed meeting all of them and spending a lively evening with them as Frank shared pictures and Peggy took them. (She has done a great job of taking pictures of all of the family members to record their faces & our time with them.)

Dinner was incredible! We began with a wonderful apertif of blueberry schnapps. Wow! This was followed by a delicious broth soup with spaghetti type noodles. Then came a mixed salad. The main course was delivered family style with a variety of meats (pork roast, pork ribs, schnitzel) and a plate with fresh vegetables, pommes frites, and some delicious pastry type starches. All of this accompanied by a delicious selection of breads. Of course, dessert came after and was a delicious apple streudel. A bitter, dry wine flowed in pitchers throughout dinner & some of the men drank beer.

Peggy & Frank were also presented with gifts including homemade sausage, a photobook and dvd of Slovenia signed by everyone. They were so generous & would not let us help with the cost in any way. What a wonderful evening!

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