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On Sunday we Derk recommended we drive up Mount Evans.  And he literally meant drive.  Mount Evans has the highest auto road on all of North America.  

Scott has been experiencing some Altitude sickness so he opted to stay at a mining town near the base of the mountain.  Derk drove with Valerie, Skylar, and Andrew in the Jeep Liberty while Diane drove with Tyler and William in their rented Chevy Impala.  We drove and drove up the mountain.  There were hairpin turns, steep cliffs, and not a guardrail to be found.  As we climbed above the treeline, Diane creeped along down the center of the road, palms sweating and wishing for a guardrail - some sense of security.  We saw plenty of Mountain Sheep along the way.  We got out of the car near the summit to take pictures of them.  At the top of the mountain there was a house called the Castle in the Sky which was built in the shape of a star in 1939.  Unfortunately there was a propane explosion in 1979.  The park service has stablized the foundation and turned it into an observation deck for visitors who are brave enough to drive all the way up to the top.

Dirk was nice and offered to drive the rental car back down the mountain while Valerie drove the Jeep.  Diane sat in the back seat so that when needed she could look at the floor, the back of the drivers seat, anything but out the window!!! William and Tyler poked fun at Diane on the way back down; commenting multiple times on how much faster the return trip was going and you should have seen my mom when we went around this turn...  Diane didn't care - as long as she wasn't doing the driving.

Once we picked up Scott, we decided to go to Picci's Pizzaria.  Dirk & Valerie decided to continue on since it was past Skylar's nap time, the pizzeria was packed, and the menu stated that the pizza took 25 minutes to make once you placed your order.  While we waited William and Tyler played pinball and Scott and Andrew played pool (Andrew won since Scott sank the 8 ball).  We enjoyed our veggie pizza with green & red peppers, back & green olives, onions, diced tomatoes, and artichokes.  Yum!

For Dinner Valerie made an impressive copy of the Mike's American Grill Roasted Chicken salad.  That was very good too.

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