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Well, we are almost finished packing. We are only taking one carry-on each, plus a shoulder bag, so you wouldn't think it would take this long to pack. But I think the less you try to take, the harder it is decide WHAT to take & how to pack it! Ray took Shayna to Sandra's office this afternoon. When I asked him how it went, he said Shayna knew where she was as soon as she got out of the car and was very SO happy to be there. Tried to print our boarding passes from home, but turns out Air Canada (which we are flying both ways) doesn't allow that from all cities. So we have to go to the United counter at PDX and get our boarding passes the old-fashioned way. I have to confess that I'm a little nervous about being chief tour guide & travel agent for this trip. I've planned everything to the 'T' and now it just has to work out that way..... We're also getting the house ready for Maggie's stay with Mitzi & Pumpkin. So far, I think they are just relieved that Shayna has gone on her vacation with Cris & Sandra & Alex and the 'pack.' They are ready for Maggie's undivided attention and maybe some extra treats over the naudio bookss! I have audiobooks, books, games, TV shows, movies - not to mention music - loaded onto my iPod. If I'm stranded on an island in the Thames or the Seine, as long as there's electricity I'll be entertained! So hopefully that will work for on the plane, as well. Ray, of course, is bring two old-fashioned books, since I never could get him to use the Kindle I bought him last year! Well, on to vacuuming the living room in Maggie's honor and watching my latest Netflix (more episodes of CSI: NY) before I fall asleep & dream of adventures overseas. I'll only update from the airports if we experience airline turbulence (as opposed to airplane turbulence!). Otherwise, my next entry will be from the hotel in London - Days Inn Hyde Park.

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