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I-90 is a very long road, through the mountains of upstate New...

The Beatles and other bands helped us to pass the time.

We caught glimpses of farms, towns, and factories from the highway.

The Woodstock Festival was held just a little ways south of Albany.

The stereo broke before I had a chance to learn the words...

Since we had no stereo, we had to sing. Guess whose songs?

A glimpse into the future. Have you downloaded your soft-drink apps yet?

We now looked forward to another two days of driving along Interstate 90, across Massachusetts and New York, to cross back into Canada. Anne had suggested we look at the Thousand Islands crossing at the east end of Lake Ontario, but to get to Toronto, it was actually farther. Jon did some map searching on the computer, and determined that our best route was indeed back the way we had come.

We decided to shoot for the Walmart where we had stayed in Victor, New York, for our first day's destination. It is easy to find from the road, and the people were nice to us.

However, we miscalculated somehow on our fuel. There are lots of service centers along the road, so that you don't have to get out of the toll zone to eat and get gas. However, as we neared Albany, I found my fuel tank heading for negative values and no service centers were coming up. The gasoline was going faster on the return trip because it is generally uphill from the coast. So, we left the freeway, paid our toll, and begged the toll booth worker to tell us where we could find fuel. She consulted a document hanging on the wall, so I believe we weren't the first with this problem, and directed us to a Sunoco nearby. The tank took a full 40 gallons, which is its nominal capacity, so we got refueled just in time.

Our most serious problem was that we woke up one morning in Boston to find the stereo broken. It just had no power, causing me to curse one more time the incompetents that installed the upgraded stereo in Brandon in 1986. What to do? We had to sing! I reached deep into my memory and tried to remember the words to some songs. Jon prefers to do parodies and weird voices, rather than full songs, but it is all entertaining and he does sing along. As we drove along, we belted out House of the Rising Sun, Yellow Submarine, Me and Bobby McGee, Hey Jude, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah), Both Sides Now, Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, and so many more. You'll notice that none of those is on today's hit parade, but that's supposed to be Jon's contribution.

At the Iroquois Service Center, I needed a rest from driving, so I decided to see if I could pick up their advertised Wi-fi signal on my computer. I fought with configurations, reboots, and wiggling of wires for an hour and a half before I had a brain wave. I unplugged the computer, took it inside the Service Center building, set it on a plastic fast-food table, and plugged it in. Voila! Wi-fi just like it was meant to be. The signal was just too weak to reach out to the truck parking lot where we were located. So I had a nap, while Jon checked his email and made witty comments on Facebook.

Eventually, we got back to our happy little Walmart away from home. Thanks to Victoria and the rest of the staff for being so accommodating.

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