We are enjoying a breakfast on the deck of the clubhouse

We thhink grandkids are great to have around

Kyle developed a golf swing




Kyle quickly became a good golfer

We took time to fish

For small mouth bass and perch

Kyle wanted to test out the GeoCache Golf game we setup on...

It seems he likes it.

He easily found all the caches.

From Reno, NV, our hometown, came grandson, Kyle. Young Kyle is a very smart, gregarious, adorable 11 year old. We haven’t had much close time with him and looked forward to having him with us for 1 week. Of course, we’d like to have had more time but his busy summer schedule dictates otherwise. Right away, Kyle dug in to help grandpa Dave with his project building a “nature trail”. Every day, they got up and went to work for 4 hours on the trail, pulling stones, filling holes, laying out stones and rocks along the walkway to define the trail. The last two days of the week stay we had off so the two “boys” went fishing and played some golf. Fishing happened on one of the property ponds, then after some instruction and time on the driving range, golf on the course. Grandma Rebecca joined in on a round of golf, it was all a lot of fun. Just as quick as it began, it was time on Saturday to take Kyle back to his Dad and Mom. We hope to have him visit us again.

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