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Left San Gimignano with a full belly and map at the ready. John and Dar had time to reprogram Suzie Garmin, she is now Jack Garmin. He is a voice these two middle aged men can hear! We decided with the issues regarding the locked door that we should go directly to La Spezia, turn in the rental car and forgo Pisa and Lucca. (This is good, you see we need to come back now, we didn't get to show John and Lori Pisa and Dar and I didn't get to see Lucca yet!).

Off we went, Jack telling us directions and speeding along Italian back roads. We got to a small town before Pisa in nothing flat. Jack is particularly adept at picking roads with little to no traffic. We stopped for gas and a potty break. We were thinking this driving in Italy was nothing....And then we met the toll road booth! First, Jack was delayed in telling us where to turn, so we had to "recalculate" and then we were back on track.

Next we were entering a toll booth. Everyone was fumbling for Euros and Dar was yelling "Where is the lady?". The booth we went into was to take a ticket, not pay for travel. After about 20 seconds of realizing that no Italian woman was going to ask for cash, Dar realized he needed to grab a ticket from the booth. It took not once, not twice but three times of him leaning out the window and the seat belt jerking him back inside. He finally yelled obscenities, took off the seat belt and leaned out the window to grab the ticket. The bar went up in front of us and we were off! The Italian behind us was relieved, he was gesturing and mouthing Italian obscenities at us from behind!!!

Off we went, hysterically laughing vowing to remember this forever!

We turned the car in at La Spezia, caught a taxi to the train station and we were saying Buona Sera to Felicita in Monterrosa at 6:10p.m.

The Cinque Terre is better than ever!

Ahh, the good life Italian style!



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