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Crazy day today. We were planning to get up, have a leisurely breakfast and depart San Gimignano around 10:00. God had other ideas for us! It turns out that John and Lori have an outside room, meaning the door to their room was specially fortified to withstand an assault from marauders and theives...at least people with plastic and knives!!!

We were having a leisurely breakfast and John had the "urge" so he went to get into their room and damn...the door was locked! They didn't have the key. No need, we were about 15 feet from their door. But the door locked them out. Lori went to Carla, the owner and told her about the situation. She got her key, it didn't work because John and Lori's key was in the lock behind the closed door. So Carla got her scrappy son Francesco, he tried valiantly (Jenna he was really cute but we think he might have been married!) and he and the hired help couldn't crack the lock. They used every piece of plastic and wire at the agriturrismo to no avail. About an hour later they decided to call the locksmith. Remember, we are in Italy...so the locksmith told young Francesco that he might be there after noon, or he might be there at 6:00p.m.

We all replied that this wasn't acceptable and young Francesco kind of smiled and shrugged....jees, did he know the planning that had gone into this trip! I worked to choreograph this to perfection and that young guy didn't appreciate how tirelessly I had determined distances, miles to to travel, time to view sights and train schedules!!! So, I decided, after my husband kicked me under the table to keep my mouth shut, to go with the flow. Lori and I went shopping in San Gimignano and we let God decide when we were going to leave!

It turns out the locksmith was able to fix his problem early that morning and he spent 10 minutes on John and Lori's door and it opened at about 12:15. But, John and Dar had already ordered lunch from Carla so we stayed, had a delightful lunch, some birre and then we were on our way at 2:00.

So the moral of the story is...things don't always happen as you plan them...go with the flow!

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