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Our group with our guide Ivete. Guess which one is Ivete?

Our room with the nets down. They look like they'd work really...

The rainforest at sunrise.

Red and Green Macaw.

Macaws at the Clay Lick.

Sunset in the jungle.

The only way to travel around Puerta.

Blue and Yellow Macaw


Can anybody seea a crocodile? No? ...neither could we.

Everybody! Put your hands in your pockets!

This may look like a spider but it's not. It's dead skin...

Jungle is massive.

Our room.

Spiders web...quite a big one too!

From Lima we flew out to Puerto Maldonado a town on the edge of the eastern Peruvian jungle. When we walked off the plane we thought we were standing next to the aircraft's turbine because we were hit with such a blast of heat, but no, it actually is this hot here and incredibly humid and sticky. To get to the lodge it was an hour by jeep down a track to the river, and then another hour in a boat into the rain forest.

We had come here to spend a few day in the rainforest at a jungle lodge, a trip that we'd arranged whilst we were in South America and not something that was on the original itinery. We were in a group with three women from Houston, Texas who had just finished business school and our guide was called Ivete. Ivete spoke good English and was considering going to university in Sheffield in a couple of years. She had been a bit put off the idea because an English tourist had told her that you could ski in Sheffield so she thought it was really cold in the north of England and had visions of huge ski resorts and snow capped mountains I think. I explained that the ski slope was artificial.

The four days involved several walks through the jungle and we witnessed more wildlife than you can possibly imagine. From parrots and monkeys to spiders and lizards, but no snakes I'm afraid. The lodge was nice and opened out straight onto the jungle, no windows or doors. It was like a big hut separated by wooden walls. Cold showers, but that's a lot better than no shower, and there was even a flushing toilet!

We captured some of what we saw on camera but with the very dim light in the forest and the fact we often only caught glimpses of the animals (yet again) the photos don't do it justice.

Before we left we wrote down some of the wildlife that we'd's probably of no interest but i want it in writing in case I lose the piece of paper I've written it on, so i might as well share it with you.

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