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It's a dolphin...honest!

A few hours up the Peruvian coast and we reached Pisco. Not too much to dwell on here as what we did was very much like what we'd already done in Puerta Madryn/Ushuaia (about 1500 miles away) in Argentina, so cue several more photos of sea lions. However, we did see pelicans and dolphins which we had not seen before, and we were very lucky to see the dolphins in particular, so the boat trip out to the Bellestas Islands did offer something new...other than strongest smell of fish I've ever experienced. The Bellestos Islands are apparently often referred to as 'a poor man's Galapagos Islands'. We are poor and couldn't afford to go to the Galapagos, so we'll content ourselves with the poor man's version.

There wasn't really much in Pisco, but it is the other place that claims to be the home of Pisco (the clue really is in the name) the white grape brandy drink that is claimed by both Peru and Chile as their own. Pisco (the drink) was certainly more expensive in Peru but I couldn't tell you which tastes better.

Onwards to Lima.

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