We celebrated the 4th at the Old Montana Prison

The "LONG" food table, it was outstanding!

The Band


The huge grill!

The huge hog :-)

It took a while just to carve it all.

The Kruses...they are on their way to Alaska.

We had fun with them on the 4th and at the Grant...

Jerry telling me it's time to get in line. :-)

Everyone had plenty to eat, they even had leftovers.

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Music & Dancing while we waited for the fireworks.

(MP4 - 4.39 MB)

A sample of the awesome fireworks..

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We celebrated the 4th in Deer Lodge, Montana in the yard of the Old Montana Prison. These people know how to celebrate. They started with a huge pot luck barbecue with a whole hog. Everyone brought extra dishes for sides. They had a huge table with as much food as I have ever seen at a barbecue. It was fantastic! The price was free! We did give a donation and contributed 4 pounds of potato salad. :-) They had over 500 people in attendance. We all had a ball!

The food was served at 7 P.M. and the fireworks started around 10 P.M. It does not get dark here until really late. They shot the fireworks from the roof of the Old Montana Prison. It was one of the best fireworks shows we have ever watched. We had an incredible day, met a lot of new friends, some we have joined on Facebook so we can keep in touch. If you ever want to see how to really celebrate the 4th, come to Deer Lodge, Montana.

This is one of the neatest towns we have ever visited. We love it and will surely return. We will be heading out soon to Yellowstone. This will be out last update from the Deer Lodge area. Happy Birthday to our wonderful country and also to our grandson. Cameron turned ten years old today. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

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