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Took off today to explore Tuscany. We are pretty close to Volterra, maybe 15 miles or so. We fired up the new garmin GPS, toasted to our new friend, Suzie Garmin and off we went. Suzie was doing great until we hit the first of the road construction right outside Volterra. She spent quite a bit of time recalculating while we just followed traffic and eventually, she got us to a parking lot just shy of the gates to the city. Volterra is a pretty little hill town and there were alot of people strolling the streets. We went into the church, city hall and wandered around for about 90 minutes.

We hopped back into the car, got Suzie adjusted and off we headed for Montalcino. The very first left turn we were suppose to make was blocked by construction. Suzie tried for about the next 10 minutes to get us to turn around. We knew better. Eventually we stopped in the next small town, pulled out three maps and set up shop on top of the hood of the Mercedes. Between John, Lori and I, we had Dar convinced to head in a direction that Suzie did not want us to go. We plugged in the name of the closest town, something like Pomogranate, and we headed out. When we got to Pomegranate, we stopped at the coop for sustenance...potato chips, cookies and the fixings for panini's. John was disappointed that they didn't have a 6 pack of beer but we did get Coca Cola. 2 hours later and many discussions with maps out, Suzie got us to Montalcino. We drank our obligatory glass of Brunello and I bought the greatest t-shirt for Dar...it has the evolution of ape to man with the phrase "Darwine" on it! We are back in San Gimignano at the agriturrismo, drinking wine from the hotel owner's vineyard, and swimming. Lovely day and another great memory!

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