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Today we woke up a bit late and slowly worked our way outside to the boat tour area. There we decided that we would take a boat ride up the river to check out all the castles on the Rhein. Unfortunately, our boat was supposed to go all the way up to Koblenz but only went halfway. But for the time we were on there it was alright. It was windy and really cold. The best cold weather gear that we have are windbreakers, but we were forced to go up on deck outside because we had previously bought kebaps to eat for lunch and could not eat downstairs. But along the way we got to see some interesting castles, some of which had been converted into a hotel like ours, and others were still in their genuine state. We were taking the boat up to Koblenz to take a train to get to a real castle called Burg Eltz. But we had to take a train most of the way because our short tour on the boat ended much too early. Once we got to the town of Moselkern, we discovered that the trip to Burg Eltz castle was a 90 minute walk. Sigh. It was already 2pm and I really did not want to miss the window time for dinner back at our hostel. Its so good and I know I will find vegetables to eat there. So we power walked our way through the town of Moselkern, and then up to the path in the woods that would take us to Burg Eltz. Eric's family had taken this exact same path 3 years ago to get to this castle. I told Eric, "hey, we are walking in your past." he laughed. Im sure his family did not power walk their way there but we made our 90 minute walk into a 55 minute walk! We grabbed our tickets and headed down to the treasury, which was a bunch of old jewels, weapons, some old china, and some cloth. It was interesting to an extent but the main show of the castle was much better. The castle right now is going through a major renovation, so I did not get to see much of the outside of the castle as it was covered by scaffolding. But the interior tour was pleasant, with all the different rooms and painted portraits. The castle was actually divided into different families or clans, so each section of the castle that we saw had a different personality to it. One was a bit more rustic, while the other had a slightly more elegant plush feel to it. Eric had previously seen this castle and when he was here he did not get to see one of the rooms that was available that day. It was a sitting area with fireplace, a small eating/seating area with glass windows of saints. The ceiling was painted with different florals in the small corners of the room, giving it a very bright and airy feel. It was very interesting to see the castle, would have been nice to see all of it...I felt for what you did see....well it couldnt possibly compare to how many rooms there really are. Its a large castle!

When our tour was over, I looked down at our train schedule and we missed the 450 train back to bacharach but noticed before that it went once every hour. It was currently 455 and Eric was in the restroom when I made this realization. After he finally came out I told him that if we rushed that it was possible to make the train. it took us nearly an hour to power walk it, but if we just power walked harder we might make it and then eat dinner. I was seriously motivated to get my vegetables and well to save some extra euros...with all our bad luck, who knows what those saved euros might come in handy for. So after 10 minutes of powerwalking, I began to run. Eric followed me without hesitation and we ran for quite some time. (back history: I dont like running, it hurts and I will only do it if absolutely necessary). AFter about 15 minutes of running or so Eric made the comment that this was the longest he had ever seen me run before. I replied that it was because I really wanted to save money and get to dinner on time - and not have to wait an hour for a train to come. He laughed at my remark and continued to snicker at this absurd motivation for running. Again I dont run, so Eric realizing that I would run to save a buck was hilarious to him. Then he started pondering other motivations to get me to run and how he could use it against me...haha Eric! I actually did not mind the running so much as we were going down a slight helped spring me forward. But the moment we got to the road I began to loose steam and boy did it hurt. But I was so determined not to miss this train that I just made quick little spurts every so often so that we could make it. Eric even tricked me at one point claiming the time was 5 minutes faster than it actually was....haha Eric! But we got there on time!!! yay! with 5 minutes to spare. Our train was late anyway though which forced us to be late getting back to Bacharach and we still had to climb the steep stairs up to the castle. yikes! Eric and I were certain that dinner was until 830pm, but when we got to the top at 800pm we discovered it closed at 730pm. Efforts crumbled. I felt so irritated and sad that I made such a huge effort only to get there and it be closed. But luckily, the guy behind the counter saw how much I longed for the salad bar that he allowed me to pay for the dinner. It was worth it! haha! This happens to be one of Eric's favorite stories of this trip! That Amber would be so motivated to save a buck that she would run almost 2.5 miles altogether to do it.

We didnt do much the rest of the night. we just hung out and again went to bed early...much rewarded sleep!

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