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the roadside is ablaze of colour

The Rivers are still quite full

on the road again

30th June. We left Mary Pool and headed for Fitzroy Crossing. We have decided to stay at the Fitzroy Crossing Lodge where we stayed on the way up, we have booked for two nights.

The drive this morning was interesting in that the bush is amass with flowers and even the spinafex and grasses are green and lush looking, all the cattle we have seen have been in excellent condition.

For the last three days we have had neither mobile or internet connection which is a pain, with the Govt. Getting into fast broadband, it might be more worthwhile get some form of communication between towns in WA and NT the service at the moment is woeful, even with Telstra the coverage is limited.

1st July. We had an easy day today, did the washing and went into Fitzroy to get a few things.

Received a phone call from my brother Pete, and he wants to meet us here so we could be here for another couple of days. It will be nice to see him when he gets here, he is in Katherine at the moment

2nd July. Another easy day, we went to the shop (only one I.G.A) there are a couple of garages but only one grocery store.

Then after lunch we went out to the Historic Inn, when we were here in 1996 we didn’t stop as there were blacks drunks as skunks everywhere and the place was littered with empty cans. This time it has been cleaned up and there is a nice park outside the Inn, the new drinking laws seem to be having an effect. There was an Aboriginal man sitting outside carving boab nuts, he was selling them by the time we decided to buy one he had sold what he had, a large one he sold for $40 and a smaller one was $35.

Shows what DHs some whites can be the guy that bought the large nut said to the Aboriginal man as he handed him the money, now don’t you go and spend that on grog, I thought how arrogant, I should have said something but didn’t.

There is quite a good array of Aboriginal art for sale at the Inn too.

3rd July. Pete arrived about 10am it is so good to catch up with him, even though we only live less than an hours drive away from each other, we see each other rarely. Pete will travel as far as Broome with us.

In the afternoon we drove out to the Inn again in the hope that the chap would be there that was carving the boab nuts would be there, but he wasn’t Pete hadn’t been out that way so it was a chance for him to have a look around Fitzroy Crossing.......which only takes a matter of minutes.

4th July. After four relaxing nights at Fitzroy we were on the road again, we had morning tea at Ellendale 24hr stop, then we drove on to approx 56 klms from Broome, where there is a nice overnight spot, there is a huge old Boab Tree, shade, seating, barbecues but no toilets. We will stay the night before heading to Broome tomorrow.

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