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We have made our way through Italy today without a hitch...God was smiling on us! We left Varenna on the 8:37 train bound for Milano. We arrived at about 9:30 and I went in search of tickets to get us to Siena. You are not going to believe it...I used an automated machine to buy our 1st class tickets to Florence! No problems! We had a great ride to Florence and then we took the bus rather than the train to Siena...Rick Steve's said it was easier and faster...he was right. We met a man at the bus station from North Carolina who guided us to a taxi stand in Siena and we were on our way to the rental car location. We have a Mercedes station wagon...yup...we are going in style!

Dar and his co-pilot John (day 5 of no chew and he is doing great...hasn't complained or gotten ornery with anyone!) navigated us to our hotel without a hitch!

Our only issue during the entire day was no food! We ate breakfast in Varenna and we got to the hotel at 4:30 without lunch...we were starving! We headed up to San Gimignano for grub and birra. And we ate Florentine steak at the same restaurant the familia ate at the last time we were here....ummmmm good!

On our way back to the agriturrismo, we walked, it was dark and fire flies were everywhere! It was magical! A great way to end the day! Tomorrow we are off to explore Tuscany. Happy 4th to you all! Ti amo, Maria

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