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The path to the headwaters. Mt. Jefferson in the background.

Headwaters of the river - it just bubbles up out of the...

Along the campground.

At the fish hatchery - it was the most beautiful shade of...

Saturday we went to the Metolius River Camping area. It is one of Judi's favorite areas and here daughter and family were there – so we went for a ride.

On the way were were able to see the Three Sisters Mountains from a different view that the one we had the day before. Then we had to look back over our shoulder to see them – this time they were in front of us.

The town of Sisters was packed. We are NOT going to go there next weekend for the quilt show. Just too many people and too many cars for too small a town.

Anyway – Judi took us first to the headwaters of the Metolius River . It bubbles up out of the ground after the melt water comes down the mountain via the lava caves. The water temp is always at 45*F.

Then we stopped at the camp store and got some sandwiches and people watched while we ate at the picnic tables.

We stopped at her daughter's campsite and went for a walk along the river. I would love to camp there and fall asleep at the sound of the river – but no cell nor internet service anywhere in the canyon.

We then went to the fish hatchery and fed some of the fingerlings and some of the larger escaped fish in the water retention pond where they hold the water before they return the water to the river.

It was a great day.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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