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We got up early today and took the ferry to Menaggio across the lake from Varenna. From there we took a bus (four different Tobacci shops and the TI before we found the correct place to purchase tickets!) Talk about skinny roads...our bus was honking at about every curve! We arrived in Lugano at about 11:30. The water on this lake is more glacial in appearance, the smoky blue color. We walked through their main park and into the center of the old town, Piazza della Riforma. This was suppose to be the best shopping this side of Paris...however, the Swiss Italians believe in taking Sundays off so there were no...and I mean no...stores open!

We drank beer and split a pizza then kept walking along the lake. Nice area but it doesn't have the charm that Lake Como does!

Tonight we ate dinner at a cozy and hot ristorante. We got gelato after and dangled our swollen feet off the pier in the lake. Did I mention that John is now on day four of no chew?? Had the chance today to buy some and he passed it up! Maybe...just maybe he can kick the habit this time...he has been quite trooper!

Tomorrow we are off to San Gimignano and Tuscany.

Ciao for now. Happy 4th tomorrow. Though we love Italy our hearts are in America! Long live the home of the brave!


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