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Left Western Australia and got our group photos under the sign 'Welcome to the Northern territory", it was exciting to get to a new state because the Cato's and Richard are coming up to see us, so Amy is pretty excited! It will be great to see some familiar faces!

We are over 1/2 way, traveled through places that even John hasn't been too,(which is hard after 20years of treking with the Flying Doctors he has seen most of this great land.)

The down side of entering the territory is we lost 11/2 hours and it makes a big difference to what you are doing and we still aren't use to it yet.(Time flys,well it did today)

We stayed at a free camps stop after I hit a kangaroo, lucky it was a small one but I couldn't do anything about because I was over taking, all I could do was say sorry as the poor thing went under the troopie, well you should have heard the calls over the CB and in the back of my car for the next 10 minutes "killer, poor Skippy , you name it I coped it.

After a good night sleep we headed for Katherine to refuel($1.51 with discount, so not bad)did food shopping then headed for the pub, John was in front and its the fastest he has driven all trip, he said he was driving fast but i couldn't catch him in the troopie, so he must have been going fast.

You are allowed to go 130km but we wont go that fast in our convoy.

Its great to catch up with Bob and his family and especially his grandson Ted, he is so cute!

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