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Wuzz at Gibbston Valley Winery

Room of faces - Puzzle World

Ju in the slanting room

View from our Apartment

View from main street of Wanaka

Sunset over the lake

View of the lake

A little cool on the lake

Tuesday 28 June 2011 Queenstown - Wanaka

Up and at ‘em ‘fairly’ early packing and getting organised to head off to Wanaka. However first we decided to try the local cuisine so we breakfasted at Fergburger’s which is a famous burger stop, although more for the late nighters on the way home than mornings but who cares when they have brekkie burgers called the Dawn Horn. Huge burger of bacon, eggs, lettuce, red onions, beetroot, avo and a couple of sauces – it was really good.

After that gastronomic experience we headed out toward Wanaka and visited the Gibbston Valley Winery and Cheesery. The cheese was pretty good as was the wine and purchases were duly made at both – required supplies for Wanaka we have been assured! We then continued on our merry way and passed through Cromwell again and headed out on an alternative route to Wanaka towards Tarras through some very scenic areas along one of the many lakes in the South Island and then through Maori Point Pt through some Lord of the Rings scenery and then into Wanaka for a trip to the Info Centre and then onto our accommodation.

On arrival we heard our favourite word – upgrade. Our apartment was pretty special with a great kitchen, lounge and the whole layout faced Lake Wanaka. On viewing what the accommodation offered we headed back into town to the supermarket for supplies to stay in and take advantage of the kitchen and the views. This duly completed we settled in for a few wines before heading down to the spa with a bottle under the arm to watch the sunset over the lake – pretty speccy. Up for dinner and a another glass of Central Otago’s best relaxing in front of the gas fire place. Nice.

Wednesday 29 June 2011 Wanaka

Cooked brekkie at home today with the supplies garnered from the day before and a late start before heading out to Tarras – which was described to us as a nice little village. This little village was indeed little being comprised of about four shops but was still worth a look and we shared a really good lemon cake. From here we drove to the Lazy Dog Winery which we found was closed on Wednesday in winter (Lazy Dogs) but not to be deterred we drove back towards Wanaka and we came across the Arch Angel Winery for a quick tasting and then a run around the town centre before taking a drive towards the Mount Aspiring National Park going about half way and again seeing some great scenery.

Definitely a few days of chillin’ so we had an early end to the day to head back for a relax again in the hot tub (not as heated this afternoon) and a night of cheese, nibbles and vodkas.

Thursday 30 June 2011 Wanaka

We left the apartment at about 10:00 this morning after another cooked brekkie to be greeted by a big fog around the place. We did a tour of the Lake Wanaka and surrounds including some of the residential areas. One area of the lake was covered in mist still at 11:00 and there was a bit of frost around as the temperatures had dropped over the last couple of days. We took an unsealed road down to a part of the lake that had camping grounds and was also used for fishing, biking and other recreational activities. It was very peaceful and there was a lot of mist rising off the water.

From here we headed into town and had a look around and went back to a Wine Shop we had visited yesterday as they had some 2003 sparkling red from Paulettes Winery in the Clare Valley in SA. We have previously visited wines from this winery on one of our tours a few years ago and they didn’t have sparkling red, so we grabbed a few bottles to sample and they were well priced too. We then headed out to Puzzle World to work our way through their many rooms of illusions and then the maze. There was one particular room full of faces that were concave but looked as though they were convex and no matter where you moved the faces followed you. It was really bizarre and very well done. We then headed out to the maze and found our way to three of the four corners easily enough but it stopped being fun when we couldn’t find our way to the fourth corner after going round and round a few times. We decided we didn’t need to find our way to it and as time was getting on, the idea of a hot tub with a view and a few vinos was more tempting. The hot tub was very hot this time and it took some time to adjust to the temperature. When we got out we were red as lobsters and we felt like we had actually cooked ourselves! Wuzz cooked up a curry and it went down well with a Pinot Noir from Chard Farm we had purchased on our winery tour on the Sunday. Our last night in Wanaka and our apartment and it’s a bit sad to have to move on from this haven. Have to win Lotto and come back some day.

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