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The Polish / Lithuanian Border

Obstacle number 1 - the broken river crossing

Euro Velo Route 11 takes us down some interesting way - Obstacle...

3rd July

In Poland! Hasn’t made a terrific impression to date. It’s raining, the main roads if you do go on them are very narrow, no comforting strip of tarmac at the edge and they drive very fast and very close, there are more cars, people, houses, everything. – Wondering about heading back to the Baltics!

Mustn’t paint to harsher picture though. On the plus side we are still following the Euro velo route 11 which is taking us through some lovely scenery, though it does have it’s challenges. We headed down a small track for quite a distance and then got to a bridge that was broken, so, rather than going all the way back, we took our life in our hands and forged our crossing. It was quite dramatic and I needed a swim afterwards but we made it.

It also uses some tracks but Polish tracks are generally better than Baltic ones as they really are little byways rather than quite main roads as in Latvia. It is frustrating though that we seem to do a lot of miles for little distance on the map so you may hear a train story anytime soon.

Treated ourselves to a nice spa hotel here in Augustov where they are having a motorbike festival and speedboat racing weekend. We went into town last night and they did a big send off to all the motorbikes in convoy. We thought they would parade around and come back but they just disappeared!! Goodness knows where they went. We had a meal (much better than Ena) and came out to see all the speed boats in a parade with the drivers on the top waving. Trouble is that it was such a miserable evening that everyone had gone home – shame really as I’m sure on a nice day the town would have been buzzing.

The other thing that we realised half way through the evening was that we have gained back an hour – we did wonder why the little camp site shop wasn’t open at 8. It’s a shame though as we liked the light evenings.

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