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It was nearly 6:00 AM when we woke and began our day.

We sat outside under the awning, sipping our coffee and talking quietly, while enjoying the scenery from the surrounding hills and the golf course.

We noticed several geese swimming in the pond across the gravel road behind our site. One had six or seven small ones swimming in a loose formation behind her.

We visited with neighbors, Jeff and Sami, for a few minutes before I went back indoors to take a shower and make myself presentable for the day.

Once things were back in order inside the RV we drove toward Rogers, Arkansas, to a Walmart, stopping at McDonalds for some oatmeal and orange juice, which made a sufficient breakfast.

We made two trips from the store to the truck to load up with things we needed, the last trip being only groceries.

Back at the RV, Marilyn busied herself making things look like home as much as possible.

This new RV is similar to our other one as far as cabinets and drawers are concerned so she decided to put new things in the same places we kept those items in our other home.

That does help to make this new RV seem like home to us.

We will have to get new pictures from the kids and grandkids, to set in different places, so that it seems like our home and not some stranger’s.

We do like this new RV very much and promise to post pictures as soon as possible.

We fixed hot dogs for lunch and Marilyn thawed tilapia for dinner this evening.

It remains terribly hot, reaching the upper 90’s each day, but we are cool and comfortable inside the RV.

It sure will be nice to get to Mountaindale where we can be outdoors more. We look forward to the lower humidity, no matter what the temperature.

We are beginning to feel that relaxation which RV’ers are familiar with, and in fact, I may take a nap this afternoon.

Life is Good!

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