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In a quick summary of yesterday, I attempted to give the girls painting lessons, which as you can imagine, ended up with me with paint all over. Trying to explain how to mix and blend colours to four children under nine years old in a different language... well, you get the idea.

Anyway, today I went with Antonio and Aurora into Abarán, sat outside a small café in an alleyway "para tomar una cerveza"- basically jugs of cold beer are brought to the table along with a few plates of food. The highlight of this had to be when Antonio pronounced ham as "jam", resulting in me trying to explain was jam was. Which I now know to be "marmelada", like marmelade, which is beyond confusing but I'll roll with it. One of Aurora's cousins briefly joined us, followed after by one of Antonio's. Both were called Jesús.

I had a salmon steak for lunch, which was beyond lovely. Nothing here is cooked from packets: even the pizza is handmade! (Which coincedentally I had for dinner yesterday- who knew prawns on top of pizza could be so nice!)

Later on in the afternoon, I met I think another of Antonio's cousins who had come to visit the house along with his wife, who is an English teacher, and their small baby, who was gorgeous. I spoke a bit with the wife in English a bit about their holiday in Scotland. A lot of Spanish people I've met seem to have visited Scotland, and I have no idea why.

At about 10ish, we left along with Raquel's parents, Yolanda and Raúl for a seafood restaurant called El Carríl. Raquel seemed beyond excited for the visit, she was literally bouncing the entire day in anticipation. Antonio's cousin Jesús joined us as well, along with his wife, who's from Madrid. It was lovely to hear an accent I could understand without trying to work out what letters they had dropped! We chatted in English a bit- turns out there's an 82 year old Englishman who lives alone next to them, who doesn't speak a word of Spanish. He moved there when his wife died two years ago, bless him. I've promised to come round to theirs sometime and have a chat with him, she thought he'd appreciate the company.

The food was amaaaazing! And so was the wine that I basically had a bottle of as well as a shot of limoncello (which I sipped like a civilised person) and a shot of something clear green and very strong that tasted of mint that I actually couldn't finish. I think I managed not to embarrass myself though, or at least hope so! I don't think I was swaying in my seat, which is a good sign. We went for ice creams afterwards and I had a really nice coffee sorbet/ milkshake.

It's my birthday in two days and I've been promised a fiesta with all the family members, which there doesn't seem to be an end to! I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm actually finding myself thinking half in English, half in Spanish and sometimes in a very weird Spanish-accented English. Crazy stuff.

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