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On the paddle boat Discovery III on the Chena River

Susan Butcher's dog yard on the Chena River

Supercub demo on the Chena

Supercub departs Chena River alongside our paddle boat

Zeus' evening walk at 11 PM tonight

The RV park at 11 PM tonight

We took a paddle boat ride on the Chena River in Fairbanks yesterday afternoon. It rained all morning but was nice for the boat ride in the afternoon. The trip was very well done. We traveled down the river and saw some scenery and riverside houses (some of them huge). A local pilot gave a demo of a Supercub on floats and took off alongside the boat, returned and landed, and took off again. We stopped at Susan Butcher's dog yard. For those not familiar with dog mushing, Susan Butcher was the first woman to win the Iditarod (a famous race from Anchorage to Nome). She died a few years ago from cancer and her husband, also a musher, still races dogs. He was on the shore and explained some facts about dog mushing and gave a demonstration with a dog team hitched to a 4-wheeler. Then we moved downriver to a simulated Indian village where there were several demonstrations of subsistence living still practiced by many of the indigenous people of Alaska. Overall, it was one of the better paddlewheeler rides we have had (and we've done quite a few over the years).

Today we slept in, then went to Pioneer Park, which reminded me of Heritage Square in Golden, CO. It contains many old log cabins from the local area. Many of them are currently in use as gift shops. It also has a local history museum, an old sternwheeler riverboat, an aviation museum, and mining mockups. It is also the site of the Alaska Salmon Bake (not to be confused with the Alaska Salmon Bake we've seen in Seward and Denali - none of these are chain restaurants) where you can get an all-you-can-eat meal of salmon, prime rib, cod, and (on Fridays only) snow crab. We ate until we were stuffed (and then some).

We returned to the RV park and, after giving Zeus some bumper time, played some cards. I took Zeus out again at 11PM and the sun was still shining brightly (as shown in the attached pictures). The sun rose today at 3:09 AM and sets at 12:39 AM. It then rises tomorrow at 3:12 AM. It's kinda neat to have daylight 24 hours a day. I bet it's not nearly so neat 6 months from now when they only have 3 hours of daylight a day.

No big plans for tomorrow. I'll update this again when we've done something worth reporting about. Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

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