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cesky krumlov is a beautiful little town, kind of like a toy town with all its perfect houses, bright colors, cute sidewalks...and as rick steves would say "delightful." Eric and I had arrived here around 11 and headed for our adorable little b&b and arrived around 12 noon...we got a bit lost. But it was adorable place and sadly i think we forgot to take pictures. It looked brand new and some of the place in the other wing was under some construction. It was a nice change from praque...though that place was large and nice, it did have a slight damp smell and there were spiders...too many for mz liking. large ones. yes i freaked out like a little girl when one incredibly large one found its way near my side of the bed....eek. After getting settled into our little b&b we headed out for some lunch in the market center. There we found a chinese restaurant and ate there. We have been eating nothing but carbs since we got to Europe and I think I have turned into dough. It doesnt seem to bother Eric much but i wont be eating bread for awhile when we get home. everything from breakfast to dinner all the options include bread or are made with bread...bleh. So i was happz to find chinese and get some mixed veggies with chicken and rice and soup. Then we got some gellato (or the chezch version of it) and headed towards a boat rental place. We rented ourselves a 3-4 hour canoe rental to go down the river. We both reallz needed something to break up the museum type stuff. The place drove us to our site and we unloaded the boat, placed it in the water and started our very lazy and relaxed journey on the river. It was probablz the best thing that we have done this past week. Being lazy and relaxing is exactly what we need on this trip. We spend a lot of our time in travel mode, just trzing to get to different places that it becomes less relaxing over time. But stil we are having a good time an enjoying not having to care about much of anzthing at the moment.

going down the river was nice and peaceful. not manz people were on the river so that was nice. I enjoy being out on a canoe with peace rather than people hollaring or being distracting. The coolest part about the canoe trip was the locks that we had to go through. 5 total. each one was a bit different. we had to go either left or right and go down a chute. we got wet each time...i would say it is the equivalent of going on the log ride at an amusement park. that was fun and broke up the monotany of the river ride. After wiggling our way out of the water and grabbing a double cone we waddled back to the b&b to shower and dry off for dinner. we had a reallz great dinner or chicken with ham and cheese sauce with boiled potatoes (eric had frittes - french fries) with tomatoes, and bell pepper and for desert a warm apple struedl. Eric had a beer with dinner (the best ever he says) and as the warm apple struedle was coming the waitress apparently asked, as she was setting down desert, if he wanted another beer...he just got done telling me one was enough cuz he was feeling it already.....he was nodding in a yes manner as she was setting the struedle in front of him (he was very happy about desert) but the waitress took his awknowledgment for that warm desert as a yes for another beer and came with another within 2 minutes. we got confused and well he just accepted it and tried to down another. he was successful but when we got the bill we were 12 kronor short - about 80 cents. and luckilz the waitress was nice and let us leave, but sure enough as we were walking back eric found a 200 and ran back to pay. all was good again and we didnt have to walk away feeling guilty. Eric wobbled all the way home.

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