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For my journal today, we woke up at 10, got ready really quick, at breakfast at 10 30 and then had to meet up with our group at 10 45. The group had a company meeting today and also had a talk with the alicante police, we could ask any questions and they provided us with a ton of useful information. they also said for men to never start a spanish man in the eye bc they take that as a threat and will try to fight you, and they said for american women also not to look spanish men in the eye bc then they think that you want them (sexually) or will scream out "Prostituta!" no wonder whenver we were traveling with julies dad all the woman were giving him bad looks, he thought it was bc they all were snobby haha. The sangria here is cheaper then water so i have been drinking water from the fountain of my dorm room like crazy bc i dont want to get dehydrated( bc i obviously order the cheaper drink) An interesting fact one of the professors told us the other day was that spain has a 40% unemployment rate. That is so so sad, i saw about 3 or 4 people with children and pets that were starving on the streets today, it was the saddest thing ive ever seen. I couldnt even imagine, going here really makes you realize how fortune it is to live in the united states, even though times are hard there, they could be a lot worse. I also learned that the spanish government hates the american government and blames them for their terrible recession so i havent really gotten along with the spaniards since ive been here either. Plus none of them speak english so our friendship wouldnt last long. We also got to take a tour of the campus of alicante universaria( university) i guess it used to be an airport so there is a lot of open space but the campus consists of about 4 or 5 building that have big audioriums- probably a capacity of 50 to 70 students. its a half a mile walk to the campus! my feet hate me right now! I know why they are so skinny here. A. There food is so plain and healthy( no dressing period!) B. They eat olives like its the last supper. and olive oil makes your stomach flatter C. There are no preservatives in their food its all fresh. and D. because they walk everywhere! the hotels and dorms lights/airconditioning is monitored by motion so if your not there the air conditioning and lights turn off. I thought that was a very good way to go green! The bars are fun, they have no idea what american drinks are obviously so i just point to what i want behind the counter lol im afraid if i say i want a bloody mary to a bartender he is going to give me some whack animal blood drink so i just havent asked. They also play american music here which is surprising bc no one speaks english. I went to a karokee bar last night and they had 30 pages of american music i could choose from, from elton john to jack johnson, it was bizarre.

After my tour of the campus and talk with the police, about 20 of us decided to go to the beach. I have seen more boobs bc it is a topless beach( if you want to go topless) than i have wanted to see in my entire life! they are so lacks about their bodies here, if their boobs sag to the sand they dont care they proudly sway them around, its kind of uncomfortable but im sure the boys from mizzou really enjoy all the topless european woman. Tonight i think that we are going to get a bunch of us to walk to the pier until the bars open at 1 am. my sleeping schedule is the craziest its been in a very long time! Cant wait to hear back from you, sorry this message was so sloppy i barely had time to type it, LOVE YOU! te amor!

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