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Milltown Dam Reclamation Site, First Spring Runoff

Removal of Milltown Dam and Remediation of Area, One of Largest Superfund...

Friends Gayl & Ernie Lt, & Tim Looking Out From Overlook

Gayl, Ernie, Tim, & Bon -Bonner Dam Superfund Site - First Spring...

Blackfoot River Joining Clarkfork River at Milltown Dam Site

Looking E. Up Clarkfork River & Results of Reclamation Now Complete

Another View of Blackfoot River Joining Clarkfork River at Milltown Dam Site

End of this trip...now in an apartment and kind of camping, tho we will be here until beginning of 2012 at least.

Visit our friends, Gayl Teichert & Ernie Franchesci...pics from overlook at the results from removal of Milltown Dam on the Clarkfork River. This was one of the biggest superfund sites in the US due to the accumulation of sediment behind Milltown Dam which contained large amounts of heavy metals (incl. arsenic) from the extensive mining in Butte, Montana over the last 100 years. This project which has been carried out over the past 5 years, was completed last summer/fall and this is the first spring runoff thru the area where the removal of the dam and reclamation took place.

Milltown Dam Superfund Site Info

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