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Today, both of the parents are at work, leaving the girls (and Raquel, their cousin, who is more or less a permanent part of the family, who still can't believe that an English person can speak Spanish. Every time she considers it, she mutters "Ay, how strange", but obvs in Spanish) in the house with me. Luckily, They seem to be entranced by the Spanish Disney channel, so that's fine for the moment as it gives me a chance to finish the movie I started watching last night. Mmm, Fassbender.

Talking of the Disney Channel, I was subjected to the weirdest program ever last night; iCarly dubbed over in Spanish. I would have swiftly made my exit as I'm not the biggest fan ever of chirpy 9 year olds prancing about with video cameras, but before I could say "buenas noches", I had a small child clamped on either arm. It was so cute that I simply could not break the moment. Awww.

But in Spain, you can get most of the channels in English. I wasn't aware that there was such a big expat community that this happened, but there you go. I can watch all the Spongebob Squarepants in my native language as I like.

I just saw two ants running all over my laptop... oh god. Managed to exterminate one but I don't know where the other has gone and I really hope it doesn't try to revenge its kin by getting into the laptop and doing ant stuff I dunno OH GOD.

... I think it's alright, although what the heck two ants are doing running about on the first floor of a building I'll never OH GOD THERE IT IS

Okay, sorry. Bugs seem to be a bit more prominent and persistent in Spain. Those mosquitoes really are after your blood, just shaking your arm a little will not make it fly off.

Right, the children are crying about cheese or something and making a lot of noise doing it so I'll have to leave blogging and Fassbender for a little later. Chao! x

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