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Next morning we got up and after taking some photos (didn't remember the night before to take any) we made our way to the Auckland sky tower for some views of the area. It was very cloudy with rain showers coming through so we didn't see a hell of a lot of landscape but we did manage to scare ourselves standing on the glass sections. I did m y best to maintain a cool front and act like standing own a slab of glass looking down metres to the ground way below was perfectly normal. Rochelle had no such qualms and was happy to show that she was packing herself! There is only so much scaring yourself you can do so we headed off to the Auckland War Memorial and Museum. Pretty impressive building and once again some great displays. Good on both the War memorial and the more typical museum side of things.

then it was off to do some shopping (surely not) before we climbed aboard the next plane.... for the long haul to Los Angeles. Just for something different I had a cruddy sleep all the way!

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