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We are going to be very busy tomorrow so I will post this journal today and call it tomorrow’s entry.

We received a call from Tammy today and we will take possession of our new home tomorrow! Hooray!!

We are so happy and have only begun to feel the first weight lifting from our shoulders.

I have so much to write about but want to lay out the basics for you since Marilyn is putting the good news on her FB page.

First, the fire was caused by an overheated wheel bearing. When the investigator pulled the wheel off, it was wobbly. He then noticed that the metal was blue indicating high heat. The bearings were completely gone.

These were sealed bearings but I will continue to ask questions about “What could we do to prevent this from happening?” and I promise to pass on any information we get, to you folks who are interested.

Second, we will now carry three or four fire extinguishers in the RV and truck. Having extra fire fighting equipment probably would have saved our RV and the contents.

Third, we will now have a complete list of contents and store it somewhere out of the RV.

Fourth, we will carry more coverage for the contents. $10,000 was not nearly enough.

Fifth, we will have better protection for our important papers. Having them organized is simply not good enough if they catch on fire! We intend to store the papers in a fire-proof safe or on-line, in the future.

Sixth, I will write about the wonderful response from our insurance company. I cannot say enough good about GMAC and the manner in which Tammy Speiran handled our claim.

It took them only ten days from the fire to the check! Tammy stayed on top of things from the very beginning and communicated with us at every step of the way.

If any of you good folks wonder where to buy your RV insurance, I can only give GMAC a resounding “Thank You” and recommend them highly!

Seventh, we were fortunate to have found just the replacement RV we hoped for, sitting on a lot at Wheels RV in Springdale, Arkansas.

Christie, our sales person, worked with us to make the price right, researching and working with our insurance company to make the new RV a true replacement for the other one.

She was a joy to work with.

Eighth, is the most difficult to write about because I simply do not have the words to properly thank all of the good people who were there for us during this entire process.

From the young man who stopped to help us, to the St Joseph, MO fire department, to the police officer who responded, and Karla, the lady from the Red Cross, and then to the good folks at the hotels who gave us lots of TLC, making our stay as comfortable as possible, we can only ask God to bless each and every one of you.

Then there is a huge list of friends, old and new, all across this nation and in a few foreign countries, who pitched in to offer help in many ways.

Nothing I can write here would do justice to all of you good friends. I feel free to call you friends even though we have never met many of you. You reached out to us without reservation, when we most needed someone to be there for us. For that generosity we will forever be grateful, and thank God for you.

You have touched our lives and we are better because of you being there.

Thank you!

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