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It was early in the morning and still dark outdoors when I awoke.

The clock was on Marilyn’s side of the bed and I heard her stirring, so I asked her what time it was. She mumbled something about 4:30 AM so I tried to go back to sleep but that wasn’t working.

Both of us got up before 5:00.

I slipped into my sweat suit.

I used to put on a pair of PJ’s to sit and have coffee but I have no pajamas now. They are low on the list of priorities!

I went to the lobby and carried two coffees back to the room.

We sat with coffee and computers for awhile.

It amazes both of us when we read the messages in our e-mail, blog and FB. Marilyn asked me this morning, “How can we ever thank all of these people?”

We are in awe of the kindness shown to us by so many good people. Many of them we have never met! Just cyber friends who read our journal and want to help in some way.

We have been offered money, meals, clothing, a place to stay (Homes and RVs), discounts, gift certificates, coupons, hugs and tons of prayers.

Words just don’t seem enough. How do you say thank you for all of the kind and generous efforts of you good folks?

I guess we’ll simply say a very humble but sincere “Thank You”.

Well, we had a few things on our agenda today. Taking care of some odds and ends, mostly paperwork.

When we purchased our other RV back in September of 2006 we discovered that the factory brake controller in our new truck was not compatible with the hydraulic disc brakes on the RV, so we installed a “Prodigy” brake controller, which has worked fine, but plugs in to one of the 12vdc receptacles in the truck.

I suspected that the new RV might be fine with the original brake controller and maybe we could take the prodigy controller out and re-connect the one which came with our truck.

We need to buy a bunch of stuff but have no place to put it until we get our new home.

I did check the quickest routing from here to Mountaindale and the software says we should go through Tulsa, Wichita, Salina, and on to Oakley, Kansas on the first day. Wow! That is nearly a 10 hour day of driving.

Of course the next day would only be 4 ½ hours and we could be there by 12 noon. We could divide things up to make it only 7 to 7 ½ hours each day and that might be better. We’ll see how much stamina we have when we finally leave here.

Man it feels good just to write about leaving and getting to our summer destination.

In any case I’ll wrap this up for today. We may have to get out and find some interesting things to do after today. There are many interesting places to go and things to see for day trips here.

We have been so focused on the tasks at hand that we have done nothing else.

Maybe it is time to relax and enjoy the moment until our original plans re-emerge.

No matter what, we are doing OK and, thanks to you good friends, we are sure that….Life is Good!

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