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Today has been a day of language interchange, composed of the grandmother pointing at things and asking "Como se dice esto en inglés?" and me translating whatever it is. She then points at a child and tells them sternly to remember it. So far I've translated saucepan, flies, mosquitoes and pumpkin. It basically sums up my time so far here in Spain.

I talked a little with María earlier this morning and tried to find out what she knows about England. She knew nothing. The conversation ended up with me haphazardly trying to explain Henry VIII in words she'd understand. She now knows the word "behead". I'm sure her parents will be thrilled.

I read a little with Aurora as well. She can barely read words in Spanish, so you can imagine how she struggles with English. She sounds everything out phonetically with some amusing results. I end up only correcting the biggest mistakes, as she tends to pronounce I as an L. So sweet.

Whenever I see the grandfather, normally the most he has to say, roughly translated is- "The fruit on the trees! Pick it, eat it!" then waves me on merrily. Talking of which, there must be hundreds of fruit trees on the site. Mainly figs, but some carry apricots and apples.

Also this morning we had a bit of a workout on the patio in the shade, which basically involved lots of dancing to Spanish party music. When they asked me to lead, I taught them a move from Lana's dvd. They were very impressed. What a beautiful cultural interchange.

Talking of which, the very youngest and the 18 month old cousin of the girls, Marina, will now come near me which is a massive advance in our relationship. Our conversation mainly exists of "Hola, Marina!", her replying "dada" and me repeating it back. What a bond we share.

I'm being taken on a bike ride again today, which is great as it lets me see loads of the beautiful Spanish countryside. Lots of people have aggressive dogs that yap at you as you pass but thankfully they're all behind rather large metal fences.

Anyway, it's nearly lunch time (everything seems to be a few hours later and further apart) so nos hablamos pronto guapos xx

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