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I spent an hour or so in the swimming pool, and all things considered, my hair seems to have taken kindly to whatever's in it. Thank God.

My au pair family consists of: Aurora, the mother; Antonio, the father; María, 9; Aurora, 5; and Pilar; 3. However, because this is a holiday home, all their extended family are also vacationing nearby, and so I'm well acquainted with another girl- Raquel, who I think is 7 or 8. There's no-one about my age, I seem to be placed mid-generation. Not that it matters much as I get along very well with both the little girls and the older family. Everyone is lovely and accommodating, and very enthusiastic about having an "inglesa" in their family. The house I'm staying in is beyond beautiful. Everywhere is spacious with tiles flooring, wrought iron and pale walls. Ivy entwines itself down the stairs. You can't drink the tap water so everything is out of a bottle.

Although their accents are hard to understand, it's becoming easier and easier to hear the letters they drop and the words they mean.

Being me, I have of course forgotten the charger for my camera.

Word learnt today- fregar, not 'lavar' los platos, but you lavar la ropa. Un fregado = sink.

It's strange how playing Sims and a bit of Ultravox makes you think you're at home.

I bought a few children's books with me, particularly a mix-and-match book called "Do Kittens Have Superpowers?", which the younger girls particularly love. María considers herself a bit above it though, and reads a book based on "A Nightmare Before Christmas" to me. Her English is amazing, considering she's only 9! I'd say it would easily be GCSE level, but I've no idea how to express that to her in Spanish. I settled for telling her that she speaks English better than most 15 year olds.

The family took me out for a bike ride around the countryside later on in the evening. Words cannot express how thankful I am to my 15 year old self for deciding to learn how to ride a bike eventually. However, I'm still no pro, definitely had the gears on the lowest setting going up a hill. Thought I was just severely out of shape.

The girls put on a performance of jokes and songs in Spanish today at dinner. So unbelievably cute. :) Already I'm finding it so much easier to understand them, I can't believe it's only been one day! Qué bueno!

Besos x

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