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We shared our morning coffee as usual, then ate a bite of breakfast before the showers and getting dressed for the day.

With no real agenda today we drove out to Wheels RV. As we drove in we noticed that our new home had been moved so that the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) can begin.

They said the RV will be ready on Thursday afternoon if we wish to take it somewhere for the holiday weekend.

Of course many things have to fall into place for that to happen.

The primary obstacle right now is the financing.

Tammy, our insurance claims representative, hopes to have something for us before the end of the week. We hope so too, but we are resolved to the possibility that we will be here until the end of next week.

That will still allow us to arrive at Mountaindale Resort around July 9 or 10.

All of the hotel and meal expense is on us as our “Living Expense” allowance was limited to $500 and that is long gone.

We have now been living in a hotel for 10 days with no immediate relief from that.

I wanted to cancel the extended warranty on our other RV and had to call Liberty RV to do that. That is now in the works and there could possibly be a small refund from that, as it had two more years to go.

For lunch today we followed a suggestion by Christie, to try the Chinese Buffet at “Panda”. We headed out to find one of the best chicken places in the country, called “AQ Chicken”, but saw the Chinese place suggested by Christie and stopped there.

The food was quite good and once our meal was over, we waddled out to the truck for the drive back to our hotel.

We were delighted to see it raining when we left the restaurant. They need rain here pretty badly.

Back at the hotel we worked on finishing up the list of lost items from the fire. When finished we e-mailed that to Tammy.

It is hard to believe that we carried so much stuff in our RV. Marilyn informed me that ONLY the necessary items will go into our new home.

She actually threatened me with bodily harm if I start bringing in things which are not needed. LOL

I guess the reason we had so much stuff in the other RV was because we moved from our house into the RV and anything we thought might be needed, went into our new rolling home.

I know that I had far more tools than I needed. Now I wish I had stored them with the kids.

We intend to pop some popcorn and relax with the TV this evening. So another day draws softly to a close as we wait, as patiently as possible, for things to happen which will get us back into a home, even if it is on wheels.

As a matter of fact, I should have said especially if it is on wheels.

God bless you all on a day when we can say that….Life is Good!

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