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Today is the day of my graduation, the day that marks twelve years of schooling and releases me into the world. I am incredibly excited for today, mostly just for all the ceremonies to be over. I remember wandering around at recess with Sydney Lee in grade 4, and talking about high school as if it were some huge scary step in the future. Now, eight years later, and today I will walk across the stage and be free from those mental institutions that I have been obediently attending for the last twelve years of my life.

To say that I have changed as a person over the last four years of high school would be an enormous understatement. The person that I was in grade 9 compared to now is so incredibly different, and I am very proud and happy with myself for who i have become. This next year i expect to discover things about myself and the world that I never even imagined before and I am excited as ever to deal with everything that I know is coming my way. I would love to write more but I have to get ready for the ceremony. I will be posting pictures later on.

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