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We take the #3 bus back to the train station, heading for Sevilla, a quick 30 minute ride at a cost of 17€ each.

If Cordoba was hot, hot, hot, Sevilla is hot, hot, hotter. We got in around 4:00 and decided to take a bus into town rather than a taxi. At this point, we rather like the challenge of navigating. Mirta reads the map and I read the picture icons - a great pair. This is the hottest part of the day - 42 C - 104 F, 95 UB (under brim of my hat)! We stopped in a great cafe and had a refreshing drink, Tree of Life (red wine and fizzy water). Of course we made friends with the wait staff and they directed us to our pension in the Santa Cruz area. We arrive at about 7:00 rest and head out to see if we can buy tickets for a Flamenco performance hopefully for tonight. Score, the 10:30 performance was not sold out- but tickets were going fast. With tickets in hand, we have dinner, the best dinner so far. Seared white fish, potatoes, veggies, a great salad, wine, water and a dessert= 17€ for 2.

The Flamenco was powerful and lasted 1 hour (the perfect amount of time- the room was not air conditioned).

A small price to pay for this type of entertainment. Afterwards, we walk around the busy tourist area and go back to get a jump on our sleep- it's midnight but the streets seem to suggest about 8:00.

It's magical- at 9:00 it cools off and there is delightful breeze every night (same thing in Cordoba).

General facts:

* Spain is at 22% unemployment

* 18% sales tax

* 4€ for pack of cigarettes

* Average income is 1,000€ per month

* Average monthly house payment is 900-1,000€ per month

* Throughout our travels there are groups protesting against the government

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