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Did not do much today. Hot and humid. I had a plan to go and get a quick KFC meal, and then visit Julie. But in the end I ran out of energy, and decided to try and order a delivery online, but got stuck, so asked Blue Sky to do it for me, as he was coming over here anyway, before heading out to the hospital.

He offered to pick it up instead, and then told me that there is a new fast food store next door to his office, and asked if I would like to try that one instead. Rather against my better judgement, I agreed. I figured that if he was prepared to collect food for me, I had better not be too fussy!!

Just after talking to him, I had a call from Cheer, wanting to know if it was OK to visit, and collect some of the pot plants, and the ceramic pots. So glad that he had remembered. I keep remembering, but then forgetting again, to remind him about it.

Anyway, I quickly jumped into the shower, and got myself dressed before anyone could get here.

I heard Cheer at the front door, and when I went out there, I found Mei Xuan rattling the door, and calling out very clearly, 'Granny, Granny'!! Lovely.

Blue Sky arrived not much after Cheer and family, and he had my dinner with him. And what a good idea it was, to try something new. The food was all delicious, in fact much nicer than KFC. I just wish that they had more shops around town. The one in Mugang is rather a long way to go for take aways!!

I told my visitors about my decision to leave sooner than previously planned. It was horrible to see the faces fall. In particular Blue Sky! I told them that I was feeling pretty lonely lately, with them all busy in their lives. He even apologized to me, but I said that that is the way it has to be, they have their own lives to live. Anyway, always philosophical, when he watched me playing with Mei Xuan, he said that he thought it is right for me to be at home, because Cruz and Layla deserve to have a grandmother in their lives!!

We all sat around chatting, and Xiao Hong was collecting the pots from the balcony, and it got too late to visit Julie, so Blue Sky called her to let her know we would not get there, but would be there tomorrow.

Cheer very seriously told me that if I want to come back to Zhaoqing for a holiday, I will always be welcome to a room at their house. He is very serious about it, not just a passing comment. And strangely, just a few minutes later, Xiao Hong said exactly the same thing, and asked Cheer to translate for her. She did not realize that that was exactly what Cheer had just said to me, in English!! What darlings they are. I am going to miss them all a lot.

Cheer and his family headed off, and not long after that, there was thunder rolling around, so Blue Sky also took off, to try and beat the rain, so I was left by myself. But I do feel better, that I have started to tell my very good friends.

I was expecting to have a very late night, as I have paid for a teleclass, with the Tapping Technique, in order to give up smoking. And the class starts at 10am Saturday, but it is in California, and it will be 1am Sunday here. I had tried to get some credit on Skype, and was sending words to Blue Sky, to try and get them translated, but could not get the credit card accepted. So, I had to use my mobile phone. I was expecting the class to run for an hour and a half, or a little more, so I was really hoping that I would not run out of credit on the phone.

The class was very good, and I have offered to be a volunteer on the next class, which will be in a fortnight's time. I am going to do the practice that has been recommended, and will download the recorded version of the class, when it comes online tomorrow morning.

It was nearly 3am by the time I got to turn out the lights and head for the land of nod.

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