The Terriy's TDC 2011 travel blog

Mission to Hope B.C. Day 3

K’s 98.38

Time 4h 33m

Average speed: 20.66/H

T to D 186.66k’s

After a somewhat interesting night in the rec. centre at the campsite we had a good breakfast and hit the road around 9 am. I was on sweep for the day, which means that a couple of us would leave camp last and try to be sure no one had trouble on the road if they were alone. It didn’t seem to talk long before we caught up to a small group and as they were doing well but travel more slowly they took over the sweep duties.

As we left camp the rain came again and we had to deal with it on and off for most of the day but because it was expected we were better equipped with rain gear and lots of extra layers of cloths to keep warm.

The route took us through Agassiz, past Harrison Hot Springs and on to Hope using #7 highway. The route is fairly flat and without wind that made it a nice ride until we turned at Hope to get to the campground. Then we had to climb a longish hill that had up to a 12% grade. After almost 100k that is an interesting challenge.

It was Terri’s teams turn to cook tonight so it was my turn to set up camp. That accomplished, the bikes were a mess and required a full cleaning and some brakes needed adjusting. That was a 2 beer job! After that dinner was served. It was a vegetarian menu tonight but resembled Sheppard’s pie and there was a lots to feed this hungry crew. Terri says they called the meal “gophfer pie”! They even made strawberry short cake with real whipped cream for dessert.

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