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Sorry for the long delay on our blog posts…we have been having technical problems…we don't seem to be able to upload photos. It seems the ship's internet connection is from the 80's and the upload time is really slow. We also have the camera at a high resolution so that we get good pictures and that takes forever. We had "Roger" the resident technical guy work with us today and we gave one picture 7 minutes to upload and then we canceled it. We will upload pictures the first time we can get to an internet cafe on land.

So, here's what we have been doing since Venice. On Saturday morning we took a bus into Ravenna and walked around the town. Ravenna is known for the mosaic's from the 6th century…yes, 526 to be exact! They were beautiful but other than that, Ravenna is a modern day oil town. The port has boats coming and going bringing oil from the ocean port into the city. We did walk on the sandy beach and dip our toes in the water. John and Dar were treated to at least one topless woman…

We had a beautiful dinner in an outdoor cafe at the back of the ship and we saw a spectacular sunset.

Today we saw Croatia for the first time. Woke up to the boat dropping anchor in Triluke Bay. The bay has many islands, and in the background you can see mountains that look very similar to the Whiteclouds of Idaho. We caught a tender to a small town called Sali. Very laid back and quiet. The houses remind us of Italy…red tiled roof and pastel colors.

Tonight we had dinner on deck again…actually, the dress code is pretty stuffy so we have enjoyed eating outside (and away from the dress nazi's). Really, to be honest, these folks don't say "No". They offer many alternatives but they don't say no. Here is an example. We were having a drink in the hot tub yesterday around 6:30. The waiter came over and gave us a glass of champagne. We thought that was real nice of him. Then the water in the hot tub started to go down. Within 5 minutes the water had gone to about half full. That was the waiters way of telling us it was time to go!!!

All in all, the ship experience has been great. The staff is attentive and the food has been good.

Tomorrow we go to Korcula. We have signed up for a kayaking and snorkeling tour. Dar told John that we were on a 4 man kayak. Lori and I thought that was great. John and Dar at the front and the back, the ladies in the middle relaxing. Dar's comment was that we had better be mixing the drinks!

Ciao for now, off to sleep and get ready to start oaring!


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