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Marilyn & I have fallen into sort of a routine.

We still share our morning coffee together, only now we do that while working on the list for the insurance company.

Compiling the list continues to be an eye-opening experience.

We intend to save the one we are compiling, and store it in the computer. Perhaps a hard copy in a Safety Deposit box might be a good idea.

You simply would not believe all of the things we had in our RV. At least not until you begin to itemize each and every item, in each and every drawer, cabinet, closet, or storage compartment.

Something funny that I may or may not have mentioned before was those two small wooden tables, purchased in Mexico for $4 each.

We have had them for a couple of years and use them beside a lounge chair when sitting outdoors.

Of all the expensive and sentimental items lost, the least of both categories, those two dumb tables survived the fire.

We did notice that they are a bit charred and smell of smoke so we chose to dispose of them, but it was one of those funny things which happened.

Marilyn had mentioned that it would seem funny to sit in our new home and see nothing familiar. I told her that she could always think of those two tables from Mexico, or go outside and look at our sewer hose. It also survived because it was in the back of the truck.

We spoke to the folks at the front desk this morning and extended our stay until next Friday. We sure hope to be in our own home by then, but that remains to be seen.

Marilyn lost her new laptop computer in the fire and it sure is difficult for us to share the one laptop we saved, so today we plan to go back to our favorite (Not Really) store to get a replacement laptop for Marilyn.

We can’t buy much stuff because we have no place to put anything.

Even when we are free to purchase replacement stuff, we have decided to get only the basics at first. We will take our time and get only needed items.

Oh how we would like to be sitting beside the fire-pit at our site in Mountaindale, sipping coffee, listening to the birds, and watching the deer wander through the campground in the early morning quiet.

That is one of the things I will be writing about as we go along.

I have so many things to write about once things settle down.

I will report on the apparent cause of the fire, what we did right, and what I wish we had done to maybe save more things, what I think we could have done better to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else, and some suggestions about precautions which could be taken for a “just in case” circumstance.

I will write about the people and organizations which helped us through this ordeal, including the response of our insurance company.

Of course I also want to write about and post pictures of the new RV.

As you can see, I have a lot to do, but it will all come in time.

I wish I had time to answer each and every message from the good people who took the time to write to us, with good wishes, offers of help, prayers, and cyber hugs.

In the meantime, all I can say to you good folks is a heartfelt Thank You.

It is because of you that we can say Life is Good!

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