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We thought that the task of compiling a list of everything we had in the RV was difficult. Ha! That was nothing compared to the next task, which is to price every item.

This will take a lot of coffee! LOL

We have an appointment on Monday afternoon, to get the oil changed and rotate the tires on the truck. I had planned to get that done when we reached Colorado Springs but decided that we might as well get it done here. I am procrastinating a bit on that list thing.

The weekend arrived with no decision from the insurance company. We are impatient (mainly Me), but it has been less than one week so far and we have come a long ways.

The temperature reached 92 degrees here yesterday and the humidity is pretty high, so we are anxious to get to the mountains for that reason as well.

The primary reason we chose this RV lifestyle is so that we could follow the good weather as we travel around. The freedom to go where you want to go, when you want to go there, cannot be underestimated.

Nothing other than a tough health situation will cause us to change our chosen lifestyle.

We have friends with that situation and we ask each of you good folks to keep those friends in your thoughts and prayers.

After showers and some clean clothing, Marilyn & I were ready to get started on this day.

We drove to Wheels RV and spoke to Christie about the task of listing, with prices, everything in the RV. Her sister was one of the survivors of the tornado in Joplin, MO recently, and she explained that her sister walked up and down the aisles at Walmart, and every time she saw some item which was in her home, she wrote it down with the price.

Great idea!

We drove to Walmart with our list. As we went to the various areas we became aware of things we hadn’t even thought of before.

We ate lunch at “Olive Garden” and returned to the Hotel to work on the list for the insurance company.

We are no-where near done but I can only take a certain amount of time in Walmart or any other store before my “Fun Meter” is pegged, and I have to head off for a new adventure.

It is obvious to us that we didn’t carry enough insurance on the contents.

No matter because it was past time we downsized again. We just didn’t plan for it to be this complete! LOL

So dear readers, I’ll call it a day and we’ll sit and relax with some TV and a snack.

Life is Good!

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