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The gate to Heidelberg built in a day as a gift for...

The castle in the distance

The Heidelberg castle



The "baby" wine barrel

The "big" one..perfect for parties!

The view from the castle

Frank & Peggy

Our day in Heidelberg was wonderful! The weather was finally gorgeous with lots of sunshine! We toured the Heidelberg castle & saw the largest wine barrel in the world, Perkeao's. It holds 56,000 liters of wine! Now, that's what I'm talking about!! We ate lunch at a wonderful restaurant in town. The rouladen & dessert were fabulous! (Although I must say, I think Mark's rouladen is a little better!) Mark's dad shared a story about the last time he was in that restaurant. He was a colonel in Heidelberg serving as the liaison between Tradoc (training & doctor command) to USAuer (the American Headquarters command in Germany) 33 or so years ago. There were 2 4 star generals, 4 3 star generals, & a number of colonels eating dinner & playing Liars' Dice!

We had two hours free time & strolled the Haupt Strasse (or high street). No cars allowed, just a lot of people & a lot of shopping!!

Today, we tour the Residence in Warzburg & travel the Romantic Road to Rothesburg.

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