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Nazca graves

...and a Nazca mummy.

Sunset in the desert.

Yet another rock that looks like a face.

Nazca was a next stop off but we only stayed here for a day or so. It is a hot and sweaty desert town in the western Peruvian desert plains. It wouldn't be an attraction at all if it wasn't for the Nazca Lines. In order to fully appreciate the Lines you need to take a flight (I did!) otherwise stopping here just isn't really worthwhile.

The Nazca Lines were made around 2000 years ago, but they don't get a lot of rain around here and there aren't many roads so they have stayed pretty well intact. They were made by digging trenches and removing the darker surface soil to show the lighter stuff underneath. They are drawings which include a picture of a monkey, a humming bird and an astronaut (2000 years ago!!??)

Phil managed to get some decent photos of the lines but you will need to enlarge them in order to see the lines properly. There are more photos and more info on the Lines online, see... if you're interested.

The fact that somebody dug these lines in the desert isn't really the big mystery, the question is why? The Nazca's who made them would not have been able to appreciate them as they had no way of seeing them from above. There are different theories on why they are here. One German researcher thinks that they were an astronomical calendar, but it has also been suggested that they were the result of a dream that somebody had when they were on I think we can safely say that nobody knows, although the theory that it was a drug based thing is not as stupid as it sounds - it's surprising how many of these previous cultures were based on taking drugs... quite amusing really.

I feel like this may have been rather a dull update and bit like a history lesson...sorry, but hopefully you have some idea of what I'm talking about. Whilst in Nazca we also visited some graves left by the Nazca culture, and were treated to a brilliant sunset, which I should have some pictures of.


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