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On the road again, left Madrid and spent the day in an amazing town called Segovia. We drove up through the mountains to height of 1900 metres, obviously a popular spot in winter with huge ski lift on the very top but thankfully today only some adventurous hikers in town as it was a beautiful 24 degrees up top. When we descended the other side of the mountains arrived in Segovia and drove the cobble one way streets of the old town enjoying the sights especially huge 'roman aqueduct' that goes right through centre of town. It was constructed late 1st century AD from the mountains to supply water to the town and is a masterpiece of Roman engineering made of large blocks of granite without mortar, has 166 arches and is up to 28 metres high; a fantastic sight. We walked through town square saw Cathedral and enjoyed the 'Alcazar Castle'. WOW loved touring the furnished rooms then made the climb up small, narrow, spiral stairs to tower to view all the town and surrounds. This castle is said to be what Walt Disney based his Disney Land castle on and we could see similarities. Finished our enjoyable day with dinner next to aqueduct before driving to our destination, Villadolid.

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