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We ate a bite of breakfast after sipping coffee together, this morning.

Basically, not knowing what else to do, we drove out to Wheels RV and requested permission to park beside their dumpster to unload burned and charred items from the back of our truck.

It was difficult emotionally when we discovered pictures of our family, and other items we thought were lost. Some of them cannot be saved because they are so charred or wet.

A book I began writing in 1999 was destroyed, along with stories I had written some time ago. Two of the short stories I had posted in this journal so they can be retrieved and one other was given to some friends, so maybe they still have the copy I gave them.

The book itself is saved to a computer disc but the pictures, marriage certificates, etc, are gone.

We threw away an air rifle I had promised to give to Colby when he gets older, tool cases, and many other items, including a melted camera that we bought not long ago.

Not much is happening with the insurance today so we drove to an Olive Garden for the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks Lunch.

We then walked around Walmart for a bit.

I remember feeling different from other people. I remember thinking that they are shopping for things to take home, maybe for dinner, or to brighten up their home in some way.

We have no place to fix a meal or a home to brighten up.

After I think things like that, I get angry at myself, and tell myself that we don’t know what might be going on in the lives of other people. They may be faced with situations much more serious than ours, so I need to say a prayer for all of them and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Sometimes I need a good “Talking To” and Marilyn will do it for me if I don’t get my act together.

I know one thing for sure, and that is the fact that when I began this journal I had no idea what a blessing it would turn out to be in so many ways.

It gives me a place to express my thoughts, perhaps not very well, but I can vent a bit.

The biggest blessing by far is the wonderful people we have met, some only in cyber-space, but each one of them has touched our lives and we are better because of it.

For every one of you who have written to us, called or sent messages offering help, prayers, cyber hugs, or anything else, I want you to know that we thank God for each one of you.

Thank you dear friends!

Because of you and our loving family, we can say with confidence,

Life is Good!

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