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Marilyn woke me several times during the night, to complain about someone snoring. I listened for a few minutes and didn’t hear a thing, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

This happened several times during the night so she must have been dreaming. LOL

After a shower and clean clothing, we were ready to begin the day.

We sat together with some coffee and a bite of breakfast.

The Hampton Inn was moving us to a suite today, as a courtesy, at the same discounted rate they gave us for a standard room, so we left our bags (Both of them) with the front desk and drove to Walmart. What would us RV folks do without Walmart?

Marilyn found some clothing she needed and I looked at some house wares I knew we would need soon. That sure gave me a funny, uncomfortable feeling. One thing I looked at was a new coffee maker, but I just had a sick feeling in my stomach and said to myself that “I don’t want a new coffee maker. I want the old one back!”

When I shared those feelings with Marilyn, she reminded me that we need to move on. I need to change my thinking a bit because the past is gone and I can bring nothing back.

We drove to the RV place to look again at the RV we like as a replacement, and had some questions for the sales person.

There remains too many questions to be resolved, for us to think any more about a new RV until the insurance company says it is OK.

The Insurance company, GMAC, had been very good to us and Tammy, the person handling our claim, is a wonderful person.

I must say that we have been treated with respect and compassion by everyone associated with us during this difficult time.

While we were having lunch today, Marilyn mentioned that we lost all of our cook books as well as her recipe box.

She suggested that maybe we could ask each of our readers to send us their favorite recipe, and each time we fixed one of those dishes, it would remind us of the kindness shown to us by all of you good folks. I like that idea.

That is just a thought for now, but you readers might think about it.

There is so much for us to be thankful for and no way that we can thank all of you enough.

Please know that you are in our prayers as we ask God to bless each one of you.

I do plan to make suggestions to the RV community based on our experience with the loss of our RV, but I want to wait until the issue is entirely resolved before I make any such suggestions.

For now, I’ll just call it a day and let Marilyn use the computer for awhile to get her Face Book page updated.

Life is Good!

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