London and Kuwait June 2011 travel blog

Here they come!

And the horses!

A shot taken through the fence

My new friend, seated under his shrine in the pub

An entrance that we are not allowed to enter

and another

The girls


And the rain comes

A pretty place to wait for play to resume

The famous Strawberries and Cream!!

Slept late after our Queen of the Desert experience last night. Skipped our plan to go to the Globe Theater and headed down the street (did I mention how wonderful our hotel is...centrally located). Just in time to bond with thousands of other tourists and see the changing of the guard. The weather once again was perfect. Jim informed me that their hats are bear fur. They marched past us and then hung out in the courtyard playing a few tunes including "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Is that traditional Queenie music??

OK, after walking by some rather posh hotels...I'm talking doormen in top hats and tails...we stopped in The Albert. I'm thinking the King's Speech and all that rubbish!!

We apparetnly got there just in time since right after our meal was delivered they started unloading the tour buses to dine in the upstairs room!

Soon after we arrived we noticed an older gentleman in his red coat with medals. He settled down in a chair under several pictures which appeared to be him. When he went outside for a smoke I decided to approach him in my usual suave style. I went out to talk with him and said "Howdy, I'm Ellen, are you Albert....but he wasn't. He asked where I was from and I said Florida. He then began to tell me about how many of Our Boys he had saved. Turns out that after he left the service he had a company that built ejector seats for aircraft. We talked for a while and I aksed if I could get a picture when he came back inside. When I got back to the table Jim asked me some questions like what's the deal with his uniform, etc. I said, it was amazing I knew as much information as I did considering that we were speaking the same language!!!

After lunch we headed to Victoria Station and caught the tube to Wimbledon. When we got there we decided to take a cab since the Bobby informed us it waws just 2 1/2 pounds and took us right "to the door." Our cab driver turned on Michael Buble and chatted us up through the town and dropped us at the main gate to Wimbledon. Unfortunately, we couldnot enter the main gate and he charged us three times what the Bobby quoted us. So we hiked down the street to where the queue began. They informed us that they only accepted cash, which we just barely had enough to pay for the tickets. We stood in line for about 45 minutes. It was the most organized, well-behaved line ever!! Loved it!! Love rule followers..."Mind the Gap!!"

I answered a survey while in line...which tennis player would you most like to meet...duh...Nadel!!! And in return they took our picture and posted it on facebook!!

Once in we headed to the bank to convert some dollars to pounds. Then we found some seats to watch a Ladies Singles match. The first set went to a tie breaker...very excting...then the rain came. We wondered aroung and got the traditional strawberries and cream. The matches restarted and we watched a Mens Doubles match. The crowds were unbelieveable. While we couldn't get into Center Court or First Oourt, we walked into the first court faciliey and could watch briefly through the openings. It is quite a spectacle!!

Headed home on the tube. Now back at the hotel, in the bar having some dinner and specialty drinks. Think it will be an early night tonight, only 10:30 pm now which is past our bedtime at home. Uh-Oh, Jim just oredered a Belvedere Martini.

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