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We slept poorly last night in our separate beds and sometime early in the morning Marilyn crawled in beside me, crying softy.

I held her for awhile, not saying anything, and she was ok after a bit.

We finally got up around 4:00. Marilyn fixed a pot of coffee and the small pot made a cup for each of us. We sipped that as we talked about the fact that our favorite cups are now gone forever, but we’ll continue to have our morning coffee together, no matter what.

We dressed and packed up to leave.

Before 6:30 we were seated at Cracker Barrel for more coffee and a good breakfast.

I was concerned about those 40# propane tanks, filled with propane, laying down in the bed of our truck, so we made the decision to give them to an RV dealer to sell if they could.

Bill’s Camper Sales in St Joseph took them off my hands even though they seldom have any need for that size of propane tank.

After that we took off for Springdale, Arkansas.

It was a bit before 2:00 PM when we pulled in at Wheels RV.

They had made us a good offer for a new RV and we are interested, but we must wait for the insurance company to finish their work and let me know what I can expect as a final resolution.

I’m sure that information is still several days away and that will be when we can make an offer on any new RV.

I should let you know that I had a call on my cell phone while we were still driving, just south of St Joe.

It was the insurance investigator.

I pulled off the highway, turned the emergency blinkers on, and sat there to talk to him. He asked a few questions and let me know that he would be looking at the RV tomorrow, then he will call the insurance claim folks and hopefully it will all be over soon.

Marilyn & I are still in some state of shock and continue to think of things we lost, which sometimes causes our emotions to erupt in tears. We are good partners though and support each other no matter what.

We found a good place to eat a late lunch/early dinner today. It was called the “Catfish Hole” and is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Delicious food!

We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Springdale, AR and they are giving us a suite tomorrow for the same low discounted price they gave us for the standard room we are now in. That was really nice of them.

We have hoped that we might still make it to Mountaindale RV Resort in Colorado Springs, by July 1, but with each day which goes by, we are less confident that we’ll make that.

We have decided to let our friends know our plans if we can’t make the date, so that they can rent our site to someone else for the holiday weekend.

This is sure no fun but we are safe and comfortable, so we can continue to say, with a few reservations, that Life is Good!

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