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Last day of the trip today. Very sad, although I am looking forward to chocolate cereal, full English breakfast, marmite and crumpets, Linda McCartney veggie sausages and a good wash. In addition, I would like to go home to a dressing gown, slippers, log fire and Christmas television...but its not winter :(

In the morning, I went to look around the very pretty San Francisco Monastery and its not so pretty catacombs. I saw more bones than I have at any other point on the trip, which was nice. After this, I went souvenir shopping at an Inca market followed by lunch at Michael's favourite sandwich shop (which, apparently, Che Guevara used to frequent!)

I am now sat in the boys' hostel waiting for my taxi to the airport. It is probably the nicest hostel I've ever seen - it is very clean and the lounge has two televisions, a computer and hundreds of DVDs and games (we are currently playing Monopoly). It is called Hitchhiker's International if you are ever in Peru.

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