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So about a week ago, I decided that I would spend my final few days in Peru in what Edgar described to me as 'the pretty, seaside resort of Trujillo'. I was very excited.

However, this excitement soon turned to dread.

My first inkling that something was amiss with Edgar's description of Trujillo was when a Peruvian lady I met at the airport nearly fainted when I told her where I was heading. She was particularly shocked that I was heading there by myself and insisted on pre-booking me a driver and a hotel.

My second inkling that something was amiss was when I actually arrived in Trujillo and was immediately approached by the police who insisted on escorting me to my accommodation (sirens and all). I soon realised the reason for this. Trujillo (at least downtown Trujillo) is an absolute dump. It is dirty, smelly and generally quite horrible. It didn't help that my friends (who had travelled up there the day before) chose to stay in the most basic hostel ever, in the worst district. Oh well, I suppose the bad backpacker experience had to start somewhere!

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