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Potosi is where they have had a lot of silver mining in the past and they still have a lot of mining. We went down one of the mines, where the miners do 12 hour shifts. They chew on the coca leaves, having a big lump in their cheek to stop them feeling hungry or tired and also the leaves are supposed to stop some of the dust from getting into their lungs. It´s a horrible place, which I didn´t really like being in for our short visit. The men´s eyes look high and the whole place is full of dust and people yelling to get out of the way for the carts to come through. Each day they make a prayer to the Tio (devil) to ask for good minerals and to come out alive. The Tio is the god that the Spanish made up and put a model in each cave to scare the natives into working and not running away. The prayer usually involves giving the model some coca leaves, a cigarette and splashing some alcohol on the model. The alcohol is 96% because less pure alcohol is not deemed good enough. We tried some of the alcohol which has a sweet beginning and then burns your throat, even if you just touch it to your lips. Needless to say Potosi left us a little quiet.

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