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Some of the shock is wearing off. Either that or the stress level has been so high that we were exhausted last night.

We fell into bed and slept quite well, until about 4:00 AM this morning. Marilyn told me that a storm passed through during the night but I didn’t hear it.

I crawled out of bed after waking enough to think clearly, and began compiling a list of items lost in the fire, for the insurance company.

My, My! That is eye opener!

I might suggest for all of you RV’ers that you compile a list of items in your RV, Room by Room, Cabinet, Drawer or Closet.

Store the list somewhere else, out of the RV and update it from time to time.

Our daughter, Jennifer, Drove to our Bank in Monroe City today, checked our Safety Deposit Box, located the title to our RV and mailed it off to the insurance company. They ask that it not be signed and they will send me a “Power of Attorney” form to sign.

Marilyn & I drove to breakfast and then to a Walmart. We chose some cheap clothing to put on today, to wear as we enter our burned out RV to see if we can salvage anything.

The weather was cool and overcast this morning so we delayed that chore until a bit later.

We extended our stay here at the Ramada, for one more day.

We are waiting for a check from the insurance company, to cover some living expenses. They sent it overnight delivery but it has not yet arrived.


The front desk called to let us know that we had mail and it was a check from the insurance company, to help with motel and meals.

We then drove to Best Buy to exchange a chip for the camera we bought yesterday. They sold us the wrong chip and we drove back to exchange the two SD chips for the new Micro Chips.

Then we put things together and realized that the battery needed to be charged before we could use the camera.

We had hoped to take pictures of our RV, but it is just as well that we did not.

It was pretty horrible. Everything inside was black, wet and stinking!

We salvaged a couple of small items but basically it was all gone. Everything was black from smoke, and wet from the water.

We have a huge job just cleaning the few items we have left.

The guy who stopped to help us when the fire happened, took a few pictures with his camera and allowed me to download them before he left so I will share them with all of you readers.

They are very sobering to say the least.

Tomorrow we are leaving St Joseph, MO and heading to Springdale, AR, where we expect to stay for awhile.

Marilyn really wants to leave St Joe!

We’ll be on the road again but certainly not the way we envisioned!

I promise to keep you all advised.

I want to write an entire blog about this incident focusing on the fire and the response by the insurance company. I hope it will be informative for all of you.

It is thanks to people like all of you who have responded to us during this dark time in our life, that we can continue to say with conviction that………Life is Good!

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